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Primary Teaching for Mastery – Development

Course Details:
Area: Primary
Time Commitment: 6 days or equivalent
Aim: Introduce your school to a teaching for mastery approach in maths – Year 1 of the programme

If your school is ready to start developing a teaching for mastery approach, you can join a Work Group starting in the new academic year.

During the 2023/24 school year, Maths Hubs across England will be working with thousands of primary schools to continue the spread of teaching for mastery across England.

The Teaching for Mastery Programme is a professional development opportunity designed to support teachers like you to develop best practice in maths in your school. It is suitable for schools interested in implementing a teaching for mastery approach to maths.

The video below was made for a previous campaign, and all the details still apply.

What is involved?

Two teachers from each participating school join a Work Group, consisting of six or seven local primary schools. Each Work Group is led by a trained Primary Mastery Specialist. Work Groups (sometimes known as Teacher Research Groups, or TRGs) meet regularly to plan, observe and discuss teaching for mastery. In between meetings, teachers explore mastery approaches in their classrooms and across their school.

Work Groups run for a year initially, with many continuing beyond the first year as mastery is embedded in participants’ schools.

Support is provided by a local classroom-based Mastery Specialist who leads the group. This model of professional development involves hands-on learning and peer-to-peer support. It is evidence-based and designed to support substantial long-term change.

Who can take part?

This programme is for state-funded primary schools in England. Two teachers from each participant school will attend six half-day meetings during the school year, and lead teaching for mastery development in their school. Schools can only take part in this particular Work Group once. However, you can continue your teaching for mastery journey with our Embedding programme.

What is the cost?

There is no charge for participation in the programme and schools receive some funding as a contribution to cover costs. The Primary Teaching for Mastery Development project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme.

What is the time commitment?

This programme consists of 6 half-day TRGs (half-termly) and one school visit per term.

How do I sign up?

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