How do we support those who teach maths?
Our vision is that all pupils enjoy the best possible experience of learning maths, nurturing and developing the mathematicians of tomorrow.

About Us

Our organisation

The London South East Plus Maths Hub was established in 2014 as part of a network of 40 Maths Hubs in England working together within the Maths Hubs Programme. The Maths Hub programme is fully funded by the Department for Education (DfE) which makes all our continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities free to participating state schools.

Coordinated by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM), we provide maths-specific professional development for schools, colleges and teachers within our hub area – with teaching for mastery as an underpinning principle of our work.

Our aim

Our aim is for all those learning maths to enjoy the subject, and to appreciate its power and value in the wider world. To achieve this, we want everyone teaching maths in our region to feel confident in their teaching and to share a passion for the subject with their pupils.

We support headteachers, senior leaders, maths subject leaders, teachers and teaching assistants to improve maths teaching in state schools across our hub area.

Our key partners


We want all teachers of maths – ranging from Early Years practitioners to teachers of Post-16 maths – to have access to high-quality continuing professional development (CPD). Our CPD is delivered by our Local Leaders of Maths Education (LLMEs) – experienced and knowledgable individuals who lead maths pedagogy, maths teacher professional development and school development in mathematics.

We know that by giving teachers the opportunities to develop their practice, they will sustain their enthusiasm and transfer a passion for the subject to the children and young people they teach.

The professional development we offer takes the form of Work Groups, programmes and communities, but all these involve participants working with both experts and peers over a sustained period. This activity can take place face-to-face or online, enabling local collaboration to happen alongside the sharing of best practice with colleagues nationwide.

Our hub area

Schools and colleges across Bexley, Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and the City of London are all members of our network.

By engaging with our programmes, we can help you to achieve your visions of all pupils having the best possible experience of learning maths – nurturing and developing the mathematicians of tomorrow.

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